HO-LY-SHIT! Spammers EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was listening to music on Jango and it said I had received some email, so I check it and WHAT THE FUCK?!…It’s spam man, SPAM! On a fuckin online music site?! What the hell is goin on nowadays? FYI, here’s the piece of time wasting bullshit…


my dear, hope all

is well ? My name is Alice ofor i saw your profile as i registered here today and

became intrested for us to know more about each other, and if you can send an

email to my email address, i will give you my pictures and also tell you more

about myself, here is my private email address (alice_ofor3@yahoo.com)

I believe we can move from

here am waiting for your mail to my email address above have a nice day ……

please contact me with this email address (alice_ofor3@yahoo.com )pls and please

please contact me from my box so i can send u my photos ok,Thanks”

What the hell is wrong with people that they would even bother me with shit like that? Who would take the time to set up a bot to do this shit? And who is stupid enough to even respond to the message? And SPAMMERS! PLEASE LEARN HOW TO FUCKIN SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!! At least do me that favor.

The internet is full of retarded shit and that’s why I don’t even find it fun anymore. There will be a new technology to put the internet out of commission the way we know it. No, you’ll still be networked with the world, but the “New Net” will be safer, more streamlined for actually DOING stuff, without all the spam, and viruses, and TwitFaceSpaceTube. Which reminds me, get discounts from us on the TwitFaceSpaceTube.

A better internet IS possible, but at what cost? Censorship is FUCKIN S****D, but it might be necessary for something like that. At least more control or a pair of eyes to thwart the retardness from flourishing, right? But is it worth it to try? You might say yeah, but are you willing to get off your ass to help make it happen? I’m ready to do my part because “Alice” and her friends need to stay out of my inbox.

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