More retarded Spam: IM Bots

Ok, I hate spam but the stupidest is IM Bots. Why? Just answer me why?!!! *Sigh* Anyway, so my boy Jay actually plays along with this IM Bot, but secretly I think he had a thing for her…

(2:42:52 PM) jenngurl562 hi! i saw u on yahoo :)qet7y0

(2:43:49 PM) jay**** oh really?

(2:44:01 PM) jenngurl562 hey?

(2:44:15 PM) jay**** can i help you?

(2:44:28 PM) jenngurl562 Hey, I saw your webdate page and wanted to say hi. Just wanted to say hi! whatare you up to today?

(2:44:49 PM) jay**** webdate page?

(2:45:02 PM) jenngurl562 yeah im just a lil bored have off of work today

(2:45:18 PM) jay**** what is a webdate page?

(2:45:34 PM) jenngurl562 currently im working for a fashion design company

(2:45:55 PM) jay**** you are not really answering my questions here are you?

(2:46:10 PM) jenngurl562 i think im going to get on my webcam.... :-)

(2:46:58 PM) jay**** well thats cool, i figured as much, are you also from Nigeria? you want me to send some money to you so you can give me my lotto winnings?

(2:47:11 PM) jenngurl562 im entered in a fashion and talent contest and your rating would mean alot to me

(2:47:45 PM) jay**** what kind of rating?

(2:48:01 PM) jenngurl562 I have a bunch of lingirie to choose from... whats your favorite color? im tryin to decidelol

(2:48:28 PM) jay**** jizz colored

(2:48:41 PM) jenngurl562 hmmm.... lol I think i might be able to do that, go to scroll ALL the way DOWN to the bottom u will see "Friends of Jennifer", tell me when you get the password page!

(2:49:12 PM) jay**** why dont you give me a password if you want me to rate you so bad?

(2:49:24 PM) jenngurl562 the password is: Jen123 if you need the link again its

(2:49:32 PM) jay**** you like friend chicken?

(2:49:46 PM) jenngurl562 put in the password:Jen123

(2:50:04 PM) jay**** how about tacos? everyone likes tacos...

(2:50:17 PM) jenngurl562 yea, fill out your info,first and last name, make sure you put your correct b-day k?

(2:50:58 PM) jay**** oh no tacos? how about a hotdog?

(2:51:11 PM) jenngurl562 kk, if you entered as our friend, it should say 0.00 at the bottom, if so you are good for my free friend pass

(2:51:37 PM) jay**** What if i wasn't born til tomorrow is that cool with the website?

(2:51:49 PM) jenngurl562 CC is just to verify your age hun,its the sites policy, we had to to do the same thing .. it won't charge, u got the free password

(2:52:00 PM) jay**** do i get a credit if im from the future?

(2:52:13 PM) jenngurl562 I just found some booty shorts lol i think im gonna put a skirt on!!!!!!!

(2:52:34 PM) jay**** why put that on if you found some booty shorts? are they jizz colored too?

(2:52:46 PM) jenngurl562 k let me know when you get in so I can invite you directly to my room cam.

(2:53:25 PM) jay**** you like cartoons? my favorite is wiley coyote? whats yours?

(2:53:40 PM) jenngurl562 k, you in yet babe?? Don't keep me hot stuff!

(2:53:55 PM) jay**** oh yeah baby im in lol

(2:54:10 PM) jenngurl562 sweet k

(2:54:27 PM) jay**** holy shit you look like a

(2:54:42 PM) jenngurl562 what's wrong?

(2:55:13 PM) jay**** you look like a pizza slice, mmmm i love pizza

(2:55:23 PM) jay**** can i offer you some tacos?

(2:55:28 PM) jenngurl562 when u login click LIVEWEBCAMS k?

(2:55:36 PM) jenngurl562 alright, i am in the middle section, its the 3rd one down in that section, the cam name is random so i dont know what it is till i get in

(2:55:59 PM) jay**** im already in baby, but you look like a man, just figured i would tell you

(2:56:12 PM) jenngurl562 yup

(2:56:24 PM) jay**** you like richard simmons?

(2:56:36 PM) jenngurl562 yeah im the one laying on my bed, do you see me?

(2:56:52 PM) jay**** right next to richard simmons, how do you know him?

(2:57:06 PM) jenngurl562 k babe talk to me in the chat

(2:57:25 PM) jay**** i thought we were already in chat

(2:57:38 PM) jenngurl562 Whats your username so I can send you an invite?

(2:58:04 PM) jay**** I_LIVE_AT_MY_MOMS_HOUSE_69

(2:58:17 PM) jenngurl562 My yahoos lagging out... ill be on my site... the link again is (password Jen123) once you sign up you will see me on the front page

(2:58:33 PM) jay**** dont leave me baby, i thought we bonded here

(2:59:17 PM) jay**** baby? I think I love you! please come back!

(2:59:49 PM) jay**** Fine then, i didnt want your whore ass anyways...

Total waste of time.


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