Disney Money

Some people make their reputations on one thing, and then completely flop when that big contract is in their face. What I mean by this is “Disney Money”. That’s what me and my cousins call all of the “manufactured fame” that you just can’t NOT see because of all of the resources that these companies have. What I mean is things like High School Musical, iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana especially. You know, “Disney Money”.  You can’t escape the shit!

Now who I meant when I said people who completely flop from what they used to be is guys like “The Rock” and “Ice Cube”. Now I’m not sayin that I dislike these guys at all, I don’t, I grew up on them. But now it seems like they’re basically, not selling out, but it looks like they’ll do anything  for a piece of that Disney Money.  Because we all know, most of this stuff that’s marketed to these kids nowadays is something that was thrown together in half a weekend and then turned into a movie the next week. No substance. “Are we there yet?” and The Rock is a fuckin fairy now? Please! Anything that’s put in front of them.

But I’m not mad at them. Not at all, cause I see the bigger picture. Hell, if you “make it Disney” yo ass is gettin PAID! You can’t tell me Miley Cyrus is talented enough to be a fuckin billionaire. Bitch please. Not with her clothes on anyway. They build these stars. These kids are NOT fuckin talented without everything that goes on in the background. Believe me. And I ain’t tryin to hear “oh well her father is…” man her father wasn’t that great way back when and he ain’t got no billion dollar baby juice, I can guarantee you that! She’s not that great and neither are all of the others which is why no matter who you see on these kiddie shows, sooner or later them muthafuckas got an album coming out. Shit if that’s the case, these  tv stations have the best talent scouts in the fuckin world! But they don’t. It’s all marketing. It’s all paid marketing. Not substance.

Which brings me back to my point, they go through these people like nothin, and just create more “talented” folk. They don’t care, as long as it sales. But they (the product) do get paid like a muthafucka! It’s brainless work! And I’m not mad at them for doing it. I’m just speakin on some annoying shit. But these are just my thoughts, so get mad if you wanna.

So if the opportunity comes up for any of you to be marketed to these kids out there, for me and yourself, Get that Disney Money!


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