Home Field: NFL – Free Mp3 Players featuring NFL Teams only from JWorks Studios

Not to be outdone by Beebo© and the GoOF Player™, JWorks has unleashed the loooooong awaited Home Field™ Music Players! First up is the NFL line featuring JWorks’ own Apocalypse™ Style. 11 Teams headline the opening lineup including: Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Falcons, Ravens, Lions, Seahawks and Bucs.

What makes Home Field™ players so great? Well, Home Field™ Players feature custom your favorite team logos re-designed with a JWorks flair, up-to-date league news from the biggest sources, TEAM SPECIFIC news from each team’s OFFICIAL website, and more. You can listen to team podcasts directly from the Home Field™ player, see the newest blogs, videos, and stories, all from the player.

On top of that, you can download the background as a FULL-SIZE wallpaper for you to use on your PC. Plus, you can use the Home Field™ player on your own personal web pages across the internet, especially myspace.

New teams and leagues are always on the list so keep checking back to get your own Home Field™ Player from JWorks Studios.

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