How to get your PSDs to show as thumbnails in your folders and not the standard icon

I deal with a lot of PSDs and I don’t like opening really old work just to see if it’s what I’m looking for, so I found a quick little tutorial to enable thumbnails for PSDs in just a few minutes.I searched for a way to view PSDs as thumbnails and I found a site with a tutorial on how to do this.

-Computer experience needed: Little to moderate.

-Time: Less than 5 minutes

First thing’s first, there are just 2 precautions we’re gonna take before you attempt this to cover your ass:

1. Create a system restore point (Windows: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore)

2. Backup your registry (because it involves the registry keys, but nothing you need to get your hands dirty with).To backup your registry, Go to Start > Run (Windows Key + R) and type REGEDIT then hit enter. Then with the ‘My Computer’ icon selected, click File > Export and then just save it in ‘My Documents’ with a very descriptive file name so you’ll know exactly what it was.

3. Download the files from here.

4. Copy the files to the directory C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeShell (if the Shell folder doesn’t exist, go ahead and create it.)

5. Merge the registry file. With the restore point created (step 1) and the registry backed up (step 2), all you have to do now is right click on the psicon.dll.reg (registry file, not the DLL) and select Merge. Click yes or ok.

That should be it, just go to a folder with a psd file and you should see your psds as thumbnails! Now instead of seeing that psd icon, it’ll get lost with all the other files that you have in there lol, but at least you can see what’s what 😀


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