You Buy It, It’s Yours

IF you buy something AND the description tells you EXACTLY what you are buying BUT in your mind you EXPECT to receive more than you are BUYING, you DON’T get your money back!

Lemme catch you up…

I sold some surround sound speakers on eBay and somebody bought them thinking he was going to scam me into giving him the receiver too. NOPE! You don’t get that! Here’s the listing:

“Selling all speakers for a 5.1 home theater system (selling the receiver in a separate auction)
All speakers present and working perfectly. Includes 2 front, 2 back, center and huge sub woofer. Total 800 Watts of power.
It sounds awesome! Clear and loud and the bass is phenomenal for games or action movies. All speakers are wall mountable.
If you need speakers do NOT miss out on these. Selling for cheap to an appreciative buyer.”

Guy thought he was gonna scam me. When he got the speakers and nothing else he requested the receiver. Haha, nope. For starters, with a feedback of 0 (ZERO), I don’t believe your plight. Secondly, if you can’t read clearly, that’s really not my fault. Third, no returns means no returns. I already contacted eBay so they can look at it and see what’s up. They might wind up giving him the money + shipping back because of buyer protection, but it won’t be from me because he’s just scamming. So he’ll wind up with the speakers and the money and be free to sell them on the streets and create a new account and do it all over again. Damn scammers.

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