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Who Will Texas Get? – 2012 MLB Winter Meetings


It’s no secret that the MLB winter meetings are the buzz of sports radio right now whether your team is good or bad or even if you don’t like baseball. But it’s also no secret that a lot of the focus of the baseball world is trained on the workings of the Texas Rangers.

The big mega-deals that everybody hopes to see on days such as this are in a holding pattern because the most exciting moves will happen once the Texas Rangers make their decisions. The Texas Rangers have their hands in a lot of potential deals right now (or at least speculations by so-called “insiders”). Most notably, everybody is waiting to see if the Rangers will come to terms and secure the most intriguing, baffling, frustrating and sought after free agent of this year, Josh Hamilton. The Rangers’ decision on Josh has a gigantic trickle effect on the rest of the league. It’s no secret that many team covet the guy, but it’s up to the Rangers to make a deal or  move on from the puzzling phenom. And that’s what the rest of the league is waiting on. Once that piece falls into place, everything else will start to take shape and teams will know where they stand.

Not only is the whole Josh Hamilton decision taking most of the league hostage, it’s necessary — But admit it, you love the anticipation and speculation. It is necessary though because that decision is vital to what the Rangers do from that point on. If they do secure Josh, then other teams know that he is off of the market and will go ahead to try and get everybody else on their Christmas list. If they don’t then the Rangers will pull the trigger on some other deals.

It’s been speculated (there goes that word again) that the Rangers are interested in Arizona Diamondback’s OF Justin Upton. Yes, Justin Upton, brother of B.J. Upton, no relation to Kate Upton (OMG!) (<< Don’ t blame me if your search settings are set to unfiltered…) Anywho in addition to that, the Rangers have been interested in Cy Young winner Zack Greinke. But of course with all good players, multiple teams are interested. It’s far fetched to think that the Rangers can get all of them or even possibly two of them, but the Rangers are major players in all of these potential deals, and why they weigh their options and talk to whom it may concern, the rest of the league is waiting patiently…And there’s no guarantee that anything should happen this week either, it’s not like it’s a deadline or anything, HA!

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