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Upgrading Phones, Choosing a Custom Android ROM

Well it’s been long enough and I’m upgrading my phone to something better. I’m getting a Motorola Triumph. It’s faster across the board from what I have now and it’s something I’ve been having my eye on. I hate spending money on myself but I always spend wisely.

But of course, me being me, I’ve already decided I’m gonna be modding the hell out of it immediately. Stock, it comes with Android 2.2 Froyo and I’m looking for something better.

Motorola has no plans to release updates for it, so it’s up to the Android community of developers to create custom ROMs to help with my dilemma. And without a doubt, they have years ago (which is why I chose Android).

I’ve been checking out the internet and lots of talk has led me to the guys at Android Forums.

Currently there has been a lot of buzz about CyanogenMod 9 (CM9), essentially Android 4.0.x. From its infancy it was said to be very stable and rich, but at the moment of me writing this, there is still work to be done. The only feature missing that is preventing me from choosing CM9 is the camera isn’t working right now. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. But once that’s fixed I’ll flash CM9.

But for now my problem now is deciding which custom ROM to use for my phone? I’ve narrowed it down to two: MIUI (by isaacj87) and CM7-TG-Reloaded (Tweak of CyanogenMod 7, by Whyzor), both are 2.3.x (Android Gingerbread).

From my research, both of them are great. I’ve seen them both in action on YouTube, seen benchmark tests, read up on them and it really comes down to preference. To me, CM7 appeals to the power user in me with a ton of easy access, low-level customizations. It’s not heavily skinned at all and lends itself to a do-it-yourself visual customization. Still cool though. As for MIUI, it separates itself by coming at you with a sleek visual punch! It has a lot of different transition effects, a nifty interface, and usage customizations. Both ROMs are by default purpose-built to increase efficiency and improve the functionality of the stock ROM, and the both do that.

The community itself is split but not really split. They have chosen sides, but they also respect the ROM that they didn’t ultimately choose, too. Me, myself, I’ll be test driving all three: Stock, CM7 and then MIUI. That’s part of the fun of an open community of enthusiasts, there are always a plethora of options and innovations.

I’ll be keeping score when I start to get my feet wet so (if one day somebody happens upon this blog) someone can know I was here!

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