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I Can’t Send Emails with WPForms (SOLVED): NitroPack Conflict

It’s always good to routinely check to see if the contact form on your website is sending or not. I usually get people telling me, “I can’t send emails in WordPress!!!!” But I’m the web designer, certainly, I am not having problems sending emails? Right? Well, I tried. And it wasn’t! Not on the first […]


Featured Snippets: Google Removing Duplicate Listings on Page One

In the eternal quest to answer the question: how do I get on page one on Google, a new update to the search engine has people worried (or optimistic) about their SERP scores thanks to Featured Snippets. In a recent announcement, Google has stated they are making changes to first page results. You may have […]

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Tools I Use to Make Your Website Faster

Making your website faster is a major key to the user experience! If it takes too long for your pages to load, people will leave! You don’t want that. So when it comes to speed optimization, I use a collection of online tools that help me speed up your website, and I will highlight some […]

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YouTube Easter Egg – the Progress Bar

From time to time, I will come across a thing that in reality is something small and simple but still fascinates me. Something like a progress bar probably wouldn’t be your first guess at what blew me away. You might think that’s silly. Many people would not even notice, and it might be mildly amusing […]

Online security

Why you Need an SSL Certificate

Have you ever been doing some shopping online and when it came time to pay with your credit card, you stop and ask yourself, “Is this site safe? Do I want to enter my credit card information, here?” If so, you are not alone. If not, what is wrong with you?! These days, it is […]

Wildcat Roofing SEO case study

SEO Case Study: Wildcat Roofing

Search engine results can make or break a company. So it’s more important than ever that a website’s SEO health be as strong as possible so that a site can rank higher. I have performed SEO services for many clients and each time we have seen great success. Today’s SEO case study is for my […]

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What is SSL/TLS? – a 5 Minute Crash Course

What is SSL? You’ve probably heard the words SSL in regards to the Internet. And no doubt you’ve seen the little padlock icon next to the URL in your browser. Well, that padlock is there to tell you that a website is secure and the data is encrypted. And SSL (more accurately, TLS) is a […]