Enjoy the Ride of
a Lifetime

Saddle up and enjoy the thrill — and freedom — of riding through the landscape on our prize-winning horses. Our real-life cowboys will be by your side to teach you everything from your first mount, to trail riding and more.


Take a Dip
in the Lake

You will have time to enjoy everything our land has to offer so take a dip in our amazing lake! The water is always nice and with a cool breeze and toasty rays from the sun, you are sure to lose a whole day in the water.

Good Ole Home Cookin'

If you plan on experiencing the great outdoors, nothing beats a hearty home cookin'. Cookie will whip up incredible meals for breakfast, lunch and supper. All of our food is farm raised and we eat nothing but the best, fresh, home-grown fruits and veggies.

Enjoy the Local Wildlife

You'll see more than horses during your stay. You'll enjoy seeing all of the wildlife that call our land home. We have dogs who tag along on our rides, cows and deer that graze the land, and ducks who swim with you in the lake.

Tour Our Natural Landscape

Our land is largely untouched by modern design — and that's on purpose. We bask in the beauty that nature has to offer on a daily basis, and we hope you'll take time to enjoy the picturesque landscape. Lush fields, colorful foliage and our own lake are just a few of the natural wonders you'll encounter during your experience. Pictures are welcomed, but don't forget to stop, take in the scenery and live the memory.

Camp Under the Stars

Your experience doesn't end when the sun goes down. You and your group will love telling stories by the campfire and hope to catch a shooting star streaking through the night's sky. You can enjoy the ambient night sounds as you sleep in your cabin, but you are always encouraged to camp out under the stars! Pristine starlight undiluted by city lights; And the moon never looked so big!


Come Ride With Us!