Logos and Graphic Design

Graphic design is important for every brand. Your logo is your face to the world and the quality of your graphic design represents you. I provide excellent logo design for companies, groups or individuals. But graphic design is not limited to just logos. My graphic design experience includes t-shirts, books, menus, business cards and more. If quality graphic design is what you need, make me your graphic designer.

Web Design, Webmaster Services and Back End Programming

My skill set as a web designer is vast: web design, eCommerce sites, Wordpress and much more. All of my websites are designed and custom built from the ground up, by hand. I have a history of fast turnarounds from the website design to launch; And I always maintain my quality standard. If website fixes or updates to your site is what you're looking for, I've proven myself a reliable webmaster.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If increasing your search rank is what your website needs, search engine optimization (SEO) could give you a shot in the arm. SEO is a way to streamline your website so that search engines can index you better and in return, it can increase your search engine rank. My SEO work has been shown to improve page rankings with many clients seeing first-page results.

Branding and Marketing

Establish the look and feel that your company needs to be recognized by all. I can define a branding campaign that will fit your need and give your company the instant recognition you're looking for. Options include website branding, business cards, letterheads and others. Marketing includes branding material such as t-shirts, catalogs, brochures, flyers and more. You may also be interested in improving your web presences with SEO or PPC ad campaigns. | Branding and Marketing.

Album Design, CD Covers, Posters and Flyers

If you want to sell your music, you have to show it off with incredible album design. Get full album graphics including cd cover, cd booklet, the album's liner notes, press kits, and more. I do it all: Mixtape style cd covers and jewel case cd designs, so you can have graphics for your next single or full album release. But cd design is only part of album design. You can have me design your posters, party flyers, backstage passes and more. If you're looking to make it to the big time, you need to have a press kit. Press kit designs include the CD cover, promo flyer, business card design, and custom headshot with bio.


Dallas Based Graphic Design and Web Design Freelance Studio

JWorks is a freelance graphic design and web design studio in Dallas, TX that brings you top-tier graphics and web design services with the personal touch of a freelancer. My clients always marvel at my quality, speed, and how easy I take what they're thinking and make it happen. They also love how I point out possible pitfalls, my design suggestions, and how I can break down even the most sophistocated design problems in ways they can understand. This shows them I can identify a design problem and have the know-how to get it done.

All of my graphic design is done from scratch and nothing is rehashed. All of my web design work is hand-coded and built from the ground up. I don't use generators or purchased templates like some. Graphics and web design is a craft and your money is reflected in my quality.

Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding and Marketing
in Dallas, TX and Abroad

JWorks Studios officially hit the scene in 2007 providing logo design, graphic design and web design in Dallas, TX. Although still a small company, JWorks Studios doesn't just provide graphics and web design for Dallas and the DFW area. My client base has continuously grown and I now regularly provide graphics and web design services to companies across the US including California, Hawaii, Washington D.C., New York, and Florida. Take a look through my graphic design and web design portfolios and contact me with whatever you need, wherever you are.