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This portfolio is a short list of some of my logo design work. Sometimes logos are part of a larger whole. You will see that there are some projects where the logo is just the beginning and other projects are built around it.


For instance, you will that some of the featured logo pages open up to a design pitch featuring the logo's applications to other media such as the emblem on a company website, displaying how it would look on t-shirts, or even on business cards.


Graphic design projects often require the use of a logo as part of the company branding campaign, so a good theme to match the aesthetic is key - as in the Hidden Peak project. You will see how they can be used on social media such as Instagram.


Logos are a vital component to a business' image. Search engine results will often show the company's icon, so having excellent search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to take advantage of all the benefits a great logo can give you.