Free Plugins

Because free is great

As a web designer, there are times where you want to create a unique effect but there aren’t any tools available to do exactly what you have in mind. So, the only thing you can do is create your own! This is a collection of my own custom built plugins that I offer to the Internet for free. Each has a its tutorial that you can follow along to learn the ins and outs of using the plugin. Each plugin has an extremely simple activator that will get you started; And they each have many options that can change how it works in order to suit your needs. Feel free to improve upon the free code – and also fork the projects on GitHub.

jQuery and wordpress plugins

jwTextureSwim logo


A jQuery plugin for animating background textures.

Flying birds

Flying birds


A jQuery plugin for creating looping and scrolling animations.

Quake Text


A jQuery plugin to easily jumble your text.