Graphic Design



Graphic Design

Graphic design goes deeper than just creating a logo, and it's effective for grabbing your audience. Whether you need a branding campaign, an advertisement layout or a t-shirt designed, as an experienced graphic designer I can guide you through the process; And make it look good, too! What's included:

  • Unique Designs - Nothing Rehashed
  • High 300 DPI Resolution
  • Print Ready Formatting
  • 3x Rounds of Revisions, If Needed
  • Professional Graphic Designer for 10+ Years
  • My work is guaranteed



What's Included in My Graphic Design?

Unique Graphic Designs - Nothing Rehashed

The point of graphic design - whether in a magazine ad or an Instagram pic - is to stand out from the herd! I never copy and paste a previous project and tweak things to pass it off as a brand new piece of art. Each of my graphic design projects starts from scratch so I can build a unique design from the ground up!

High Resolution 300 DPI

Every graphic design project is different from the previous with their own style and appearance. But one key factor that all artwork has in common is being designed at a high resolution and at 300 DPI. Dots per inch (DPI) is a term used to describe how much ink a printer will use in every square inch of image space. The higher the DPI, the clearer the image will be. And since I design all of my projects at 300 DPI, your artwork will look crisp whether you use it online or print it on t-shirts.

Print Ready Formatting

You can choose to use your artwork online, but most pieces of artwork is used in print media. That includes everything from magazine ads, to t-shirts, to movie posters and business signs. Whatever your intended use is, I make sure to design your artwork so that it is formatted and ready for immediate printing.

Print formatting your graphic design projects entail knowing all the required specs from your print company. In short, it means knowing the dimensions (are you printing your graphic on a mug or a t-shirt?), the bleed area (the area around the image that may or may not get cut off), the trim area (the surrounding area of the print that will get cut off!). Properly formatted graphic design is essential to a successful project.

3x Graphic Design Revisions

Throughout the process of a graphic design project, the art will start to take shape producing a first draft. From that point, we both take a look at the outcome and discuss any changes that could be made to make the final version everything you expected. This is the importance of the revision process. With your feedback, I can go into the design and make alterations until we narrow down the perfect end product.

Design revisions are not the same as an additional, separate designs, though. For example: If the initial concept of the design was of a skydiver jumping from a plane wearing your product, and after you see the first draft you want to change the type of plane, the diver's helmet color, and the type of clouds in the image, this is good. This is a revision. But, let's say you change your mind and want a race car driver instead of a skydiver, this would not be a revision because it deviates so far from the initial vision that it would require me to restart from scratch.

Experienced Graphic Designer

I have over a decade of experience as a professional graphic designer. Logos, t-shirts, movie posters, car wraps, flyers, magazine ads, websites and more - I have an extensive list of projects under my belt and a long list of happy customers to boot. You can count on me to take great care of your project, from beginning to end.


My Work is Guaranteed

I have been a logo designer in Dallas for over 10 years and I pride myself on having a full list of satisfied clientele. There have been a few rocky projects for one reason or another, but in the end, every client ended up happy and every project a success. In the event there is an issue with my work, let me know and we can work together to get it done right! That is my guarantee.