Crypto Art

Collect and Sell NFT Art

PJ Mii

NFT: Crypto Art

NFTs are HOT right now and you should be an early adopter! Become an NFT art collector and make money by easily buying and selling crypto art.

How does it work?:

  • Tell me what kind of design you want
  • Any image format (jpg, animated gif, vector)
  • I create a unique piece of art JUST FOR YOU 
  • I sell the ownership rights to you via blockhain 
  • Blockchain will publicly list you as the owner of the NFT art piece
  • You can keep it in your collection or sell it for a higher price later! It’s yours.

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What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. The word fungible means able to recreate. So, NFTs are digital goods that are unique and cannot be recreated. So if you commission an NFT from me, your NFT art will be unique to you and you will have full control over that copyright, even if someone tries to take it and make money from it.

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Why are NFTs Popular?

NFTs are popular because they are taking advantage of a new and popular technology called blockchain. In short, a blockchain is a publicly available list that keeps track of things such as ownership of a digital item. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium use blockchain. But where Bitcoin is built specifically as an alternate currency, Ethereum actually allows things like images, music, and more to be stored in the ledger too. The reason that 

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Why should I Buy Crypto Art? 

Crypto art is still in its infancy, but it is catching on! There is money to be made from your collection! The popular gif Nyan Cat sold for $600,000! If you were to start collecting NFT art (and start having me create on-of-a-kind artwork), they could grow into a cache of valuable items for you – the same way everyone would love a real Rembrandt or a Picasso in their coffer. The crypto art you own can continue to increase in value, and the rarity just makes it that more valuable.

How Do I Buy Crypto Art?

It may sound daunting, but buying crypto art is not hard at all!

You need a Digital Wallet with Ether

You can’t buy crypto art with a normal credit card (I know, right?) You need a digital wallet and a cryptocurrency (Ethereum)! But don’t worry, it’s easy. You can get a digital wallet for free and you can purchase Ether, Ethereum’s very own currency, with a credit card. [Learn » How to buy Ether (ETH)]


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Tell me what kind of NFT you want

Do you want an animated gif or just a unique piece of art that you want for your collection?

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I create the NFT art for you

I get to work on your new NFT art piece and show you a proof for approval.


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Step 4: Pay

Purchase NFT Art with Ethereum 

I will upload the crypto art to an NFT marketplace where you can pay me with Ether (Ethereum)!

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You just bought NFT art!

That’s it! You complete your purchase with Ethereum and you are the legal owner of the crypto art! You can hold onto it or resell it at a later date for a profit!

Step 5: Done

Contact me with the kind of art you are looking to own. I will create a one of a kind design for you and once your payment is complete, you will be known world-wide as the owner of the art piece.

You will make your purchase using Ether, the currency that is used for Ethereum.

When the artwork is complete, I will upload it to an NFT website where you can checkout using Ether.

Using Ether adds the image and the information to the blockchain. That way, the world can see that you are the legal owner.

Getting cryptocurrency isn't hard at all. Follow this link for more information on how to do so.

As the designer of the crypto art, I will be credited as the creator. But you will be listed as the owner of the artwork because you are the one that paid for it.

Yes, you can! You are the art collector and the legal owner of the NFT art. You can resell the artwork for any price! Or, you can hold onto it and let it grow in value.