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Logo Design

Every company relies on having a logo to be the face of their business. Regardless of how big or how small you are, the proper logo will leave a lasting impression on a customer. Even when they forget your name, they remember your logo. So let me design a logo that will represent you. What’s included:

  • Vector Logo Designs
  • High 300 DPI Resolution
  • Scalable to Any Size
  • 3x Revisions, If Needed
  • Copyright Design Protection
  • Social Media Icons if Needed
  • My work is guaranteed

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What's Included in My Logo Design?

Vector Logo Designs

What are vector logos? Vector graphics are images that can be scaled-up, to any size, without losing image quality. Vectors use a mathematical format to produce the image instead of pixels – like in a photo you take with your phone. When you zoom into a regular photo, you will see it lose clarity and get blurry or pixelated. Images like this are called raster images. But with vectors logos, you can enlarge them to any size, and your logo will stay sharp. This makes vector logos flexible for use on the Internet, print media, and clothing.

Vector logos

300 DPI logos

High Resolution 300 DPI

A high-resolution logo is essential to image clarity and excellent print quality. 300 DPI (dots per inch) is the number of dots a printer will spend on any given inch. The more dots in one finite space, the clearer your images will look at large sizes. This is similar to your smartphone’s resolution and pixel density. On a smartphone, PPI (pixels per inch) determine how clear your image is. This includes viewing websites, photos, and even app icons. You will normally see higher PPI (pixels per inch) on large screen phones (resolution) because if not, then your viewing experience will be poor.

I work with high industry standard 300 DPI. This is used in magazines, movie posters, cd covers, and clothing. While 150 may be fine, 300 provides better clarity.

Logo Revisions

Sometimes, changes are needed after the first draft to refine the logo. This could mean a different font for text, changing up the color scheme, or moving some things around. This is what the revision process is for. I take your design feedback, make alterations to your logo, and send you the updated version. Some people use this time to compare color options, see different text sizes, or how it will fit on mediums such as flyers. Eventually narrowing down the final design is the point.

Logo revisions are not the same as an additional, separate design, though. For example, A company looking for logo design in Dallas may reach out looking for a logo for a refinement plant. Their initial idea is to have the logo incorporate a building with a smokestack. After my draft is submitted:

  • they would like to add 1 more stack to the logo's design, and some changes to the color. This is fine because the design is a modification of the original idea and helps refine that idea. -This is a revision.
  • they decide to scrap the initial concept and, instead, opt for a brand new design that strays so far from the original idea, that it requires the design process to start from the beginning. -This is not a revision.

If there is any question on whether your change will count as a revision, I will be happy to let you know.

Free revisions

Copyright protection

Logo Copyright/Trademark Protection

Logo design involves a lot of creativity, but what is the possibility that your design is exactly like someone else’s? In the event this happens, I will redesign your logo as part of my copyright protection policy.

If you find that your design is all-too-similar to another, I will compare the two and redesign your logo so that yours stands as its own artistic piece. This will give you the piece of mind that you won’t have to face any legal infractions just because you had the same idea for your logo as someone else. To date, this has never been an issue for my work. But know that in the slim event that this does occur, I have you covered and I will change the logo at no charge.

Social Media Profile Images

When you build a new website, you use your logo because it’s a part of professionalism. But using it on your social media profile is crucial for establishing your brand identity, too. I can provide logos in PNG and JPG formats and in different dimensions. By default, these should be fine as most social media profile images. If you use social media and would like to use your logo on your profile, let me know and I can give you formatted versions of your image that meet the recommended size of your preferred social media platforms.

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My work is guaranteed

My Work is Guaranteed

I have been doing logo design in Dallas for over 10 years and I pride myself on having a full list of satisfied clientele. There have been a few rocky projects for one reason or another, but in the end, every client ended up happy and every project a success. In the event there is an issue with my work, let me know and we can work together to get it done right! That is my guarantee.

Why Logo Design is Important

Logo design is creating an image to represent a company. It’s usually the first thing people see and the thing remembered most. Think: how many times have you forgotten a company’s name, but a particular shape or font or color triggers your memory of that company? That’s why logo design is important!

I design your logo as a mnemonic device so consumers remember your company. And logos are extremely effective! I consider your business, your customers, your comments, and design a concise image that will, 1. Grab your audience, 2. Make a visual statement, 3. Encompass what you and your product are about, 4. Be memorable. With this, your design will have been successful! And that’s the goal of graphic design: have people remember you!

Graphic Design vs Logo Design

Without a doubt, logo design is the most well-known form of graphic design. But graphic design has more sub-categories than just logos. Consider every poster you’ve ever seen, every commercial, your t-shirt! Graphic design is the process of arranging colors and images to create a visually appealing product. So yes, a logo represents your company. But what if I were to put it on a magazine page? Plain huh? But adding colors, text and images in the right places illustrates more of what your company is; And gets your message across to the consumer! Graphic design is very important, not only to grab your customers’ attention but to reel them in! So whether you need t-shirts designed, are looking to get banner designs, or need branding for your company, I’ll use my experience to give you the best product I can!

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