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Graphic design is an important mechanism for establishing your brand and grabbing the attention of your audience. And if quality graphic design is important, you need a graphic designer that can provide top-notch design; And JWorks Studios is the place for that kind of graphic designer.

Logos are just a small part of my graphic design skill set. I also design banners, posters, cd covers, book covers, websites, and anything else involving graphic design!

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Graphic Design Samples

Graphic design for all of your needs including logos, business cards, posters and more.

My graphic design portfolio includes work for a wide variety of industries, professions and uses. I design logos for businesses — large and small — in industries such as music, movies, fashion, makeup, auto dealerships and more. I don't limit my graphic design services to businesses. I also design logos and graphics for non-profits, parties and personal use. And no matter the size, all of my clients receive the same quality and attention to their graphic design projects.

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Get to Know your Graphic Designer: My Process

« The process of a graphic design project »

The graphic design process generally has the same key points every time whether I'm designing a logo or designing graphics for a branding campaign. There are differences with time and difficulty, but the process is usually the same.

  • Indentify the project type

    Determine the type of project this is. Is it a logo? Is it graphic design for a poster? Is it a website?. This gets you in the mindset of preparing yourself for all of the finer parts of producing graphics for that particular useage.

  • What is the design goal?

    Yes, all of the graphics look great once they're done, but in order to get there, you have to know what it will look like at the end and work toward that goal step by step. What message will the design send to people who view it? What message should it send? Knowing how the design will be used once complete will help clearly establish the overall project goal.

  • What graphic design programs and techniques should I use?

    Not all graphic design projects will use the same design software. I need to determine the usage beforehand. Designs that will mainly be developed for print will require a different graphic design program than a design that will be used strictly for the web. Knowing this helps me know what graphic design program I will need.

    Secondly, knowing what the finished design will look like in my head gives me a chance to use different techniques to reach that graphic style.

  • Get feedback on the design

    I view graphic design is an investment for my clients. I don't let anyone check off a project until I get full feedback on my graphic design work. In some cases I use another set of eyes to get their first impressions of the design.

  • Make changes to the design

    Eventually there will be a slight change to the initial design. Getting feedback from my clients and updating the design fine tunes our collective vision for the design project.

  • Is the design up to my standards?

    Clients always love my graphic design work, but am I completely pleased with the design? Before I make the decision to release my graphic design work to the client, I cretique it heavily, myself. I view the design from different angles, turn my head quickly and turn back to see what my first impressions of the design would be, and sometimes make it my desktop wallpaper and just stare at it. Being such a hard critic of my own designs reassures that if I would be happy viewing this design over long periods of time, my client will definitely be satisfied.

« How much time does it take to design a logo? »

Like most graphic design projects, the time it takes to create a logo varies by design.

Simple logos, i.e. those that are monochrome or simplistic in design, on average see around an hour of work time, plus minor design tweak time. More detailed logos from therein increase in design detail, and thus, time.

I don't skimp on quality just because a logo's design is simpler than another. All of my logos get the same quality check but it's just a fact that some take longer than others. My quality is always guaranteed!

« Are you a graphic designer in Dallas only or all states? »

I work virtually (telecommute) so that means I can design what you need no matter where you are. Although I am a graphic designer in the Dallas area, I regularly do graphic design for clients all over the United States and other countries. I have a history of doing graphic design for clients who reside in Dallas, Texas, New York, California, Orlando, Florida, Hawaii, and as far away as Japan. So no matter where you are, I can be your graphic designer.

« Choosing a graphic designer: price or quality? »

Many graphic designers have one particluar thing they do well and they choose to stick to that. As a graphic desiger, myself, I am lucky enough to be successful in a lot of disciplines. But how do you choose a great graphic designer?

A deep and diverse graphic design portfolio is a showcase of a graphic designer's talents. The amount of the designs is important, but the quality of their graphic design work speaks volumes, because that is the kind of work you can expect to see yourself.

Versatility is another important trait of great graphic designer. The ability to show that you can handle any task, familiar and foreign is something that any really good graphic designer should be able to show. Having a versatile graphic designer you trust ensures you the security that any design project you can throw at him will be accomplished with the same flair and quality as all of his previous graphic design projects.

Thoughtful questioning is another sign of the right graphic designer. I ask specific questions to a client to get to know:
  • A. If the client has a firm grasp of what he/she needs in a graphic design project. This lets me open the doors to design questions they didn't even think to ask themselves. This prevents backtracking which will save them money.
  • B. To get on the same page when it comes to the overall project design. I have to be able to get inside their heads so I can bring to life the design they're looking for.

Experience and location are essential in picking a graphic designer. If you're looking for a graphic design guru but are more worried about the price rather than the quality and your satisfaction, then what you're actually looking for is anybody out there with access to graphic design software. Not good...Lots of people turn to graphic designers in other countries —We've all heard the stories about graphic designers in India. The exchange rate may seem beneficial to some but in actuality, wether or not they satisfy your graphic design needs, you're at their mercy. Being a graphic designer in Dallas, TX, I have a verifyable work history, accessible state-side references, and do business with American-based finiancial systems that make sure all of your payments are safe, secure, and protected from fly-by-night tactics, unlike some graphic designers.

When choosing a great graphic designer, do not use price as the leading factor in your decision. The fact is many people look for the cheapest graphic designer but in the end wind up with cheap graphics to match the price. Don't be fooled. Budget is always a factor, but many people use that word as a crutch when in fact they are just being cheap. You can always find someone who will design your logo for $5, $10, $15 flat. Just remember that that is not a bargain, but a reason. Great graphic design is an investment and you should approach it as an investment. So if you find a graphic designer (me) with a deep and diverse portfolio (me), and you appreciate (my) design work, seriously consider making [me] your official graphic designer.

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