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Logo Designer

Every company relies on having a logo to be the face of their business. Regardless of how big or how small you are, the proper logo will leave a lasting impression on a customer. Even when they forget your name, they remember your logo. So let me design a logo that will represent you.

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Graphic Designer

Graphic design goes deeper than just creating a logo, and it's effective for grabbing your audience. Whether you need a branding campaign, an advertisement layout or a t-shirt designed, as an experienced graphic designer I can guide you through the process; And make it look good, too!

Why Logo Design is Important

Logo design is creating an image to represent a company. It's usually the first thing people see and the thing remembered most. Think: how many times have you forgotten a company's name, but a particular shape or font or color triggers your memory of that company? That's why logo design is important!

I design your logo as a mnemonic device so consumers remember your company. And logos are extremely effective! I consider your business, your customers, your comments and design a concise image that will, 1. Grab your audience, 2. Make a visual statement, 3. Encompass what you and your product is about, 4. Be memorable. With this, your design will have been successful! And that's the goal of graphic design: have people remember you!

Graphic Design vs Logo Design

Without a doubt, logo design is the most well-known form of graphic design. But graphic design has more sub-categories than just logos. Consider every poster you've ever seen, every commercial, your t-shirt! Graphic design is the process of arranging colors and images to create a visually appealing product. So yes, a logo represents your company. But what if I were to put it on a magazine page? Plain huh? But adding colors, text and images in the right places illustrates more of what your company is, and gets your message across to the consumer! Graphic design is very important, not only to grab your customers' attention, but to reel them in! So whether you need t-shirts designed, are looking to get banner designs or need branding for your company, I'll use my experience to give you the best product I can!