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Acquiring Clients, Not Just Customers

Over the years I’ve had many customers come my way from many occupations and with many different needs. But from the beginning I have the mindset that every person who seeks my services are clients, not just customers.

I treat everyone the same, regardless if they’re an i-just-need-a-quick-project person or if they’re a big-time company — I’m transparent and dedicated to every project and every person. Not to say that I don’t have my favorite clients because I do. But I treat them no differently than anyone else when it comes to business. And it’s for that reason I routinely turn a customer into a client.

To me, a customer is a one-and-done interaction. Once your project is complete, you probably will never hear from them again. And there’s nothing wrong with that because regardless of their future plans, I make sure that everyone walks away happy with my work and the money they spent. Clients, on the other hand, are the ones who return — whether it be frequently, every-so-often, or in some cases, 2 years at a time!

How to Turn Customers Into Clients?

Well, for one, a successful product. The only way people will even consider returning to you for your services is that the work you have done for them was great. For them to think of you as their go-to-source for anything says that they are happy with your work and it was well worth their money. Clients will pay well for work well done.

Another thing I think they like is my transparency. I’m always open and honest about a project and my operations. If for whatever reason I cannot immediately jump on their project, I’m sure they’re well aware of it. That way they’re not anticipating a product before it’s complete. I always keep them up-to-date on their project if it’s a multi-step project. Sometimes they won’t be able to see the progress as it happens, so I drop them a line to let them know when I’ve reached an important milestone so they will know that their project is gradually nearing completion.

Another huge reason clients routinely seek me out is my feedback. If they have an idea and I can foresee a problem with its execution, I’ll tell them immediately and come up with a viable solution for them. This saves time, money, and gets the results they’re looking for. I always have clients come to me with: “What do you think about…”, “Is there a way to…”, “If I wanted to…how would that work”, and “Can you help me with…” Having clients feel I’m a knowledgeable source and someone who can help their business is another way I have, consequently, become a dependable resource for their company.

I anticipate that every customer will be a client, and when it comes to fruition, it’s a pleasing sight. So from the many projects I’ve done over the years, I can proudly say I have more clients than customers.

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