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What is SSL/TLS? – a 5 Minute Crash Course

You’ve probably heard the words SSL in regards to the Internet. And no doubt you’ve seen the little padlock icon next to the URL in your browser. Well, that padlock is there to tell you that a website is secure and the data is encrypted. And SSL (more accurately, TLS) is a protocol that makes […]

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Do Not Force Apple to Work for the FBI

Don’t force Apple to work for the FBI. The ramifications are just too damaging. If it was just one specific phone, then maybe it would not be a giant issue. But the problem is that the FBI wants access to all phones. That’s a no no. Consider this:

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Acquiring Clients, Not Just Customers

Over the years I’ve had many customers come my way from many occupations and with many different needs. But from the beginning I have the mindset that every person who seeks my services are clients, not just customers.