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JWorks Studios is on Behance

Today I decided to create an official JWorks Studios profile on Behance. If you don’t know, Behance is a free online community for creative-types who share their work with the online world and get feedback from other creatives. is run by Adobe; Yes, the Photoshop company!

It’s not just for graphic designers. I have seen photographers, animators, and even musicians sharing their work. You can browse the site and see what other great talent is out there. If you like some work, show it some appreciation with the dedicated button.

Not only can you share and view other people’s’ work, but you can give everybody some background on yourself. In your profile, you can add your work history, education history and even create a résumé. So not only can people view your work, if you’d like, you can let them contact you and possibly hire you for a project or something more! Awesome, huh?

I’m still new to the scene so there is still more to explore. If you have crative talent and would like to show off your work, maybe Behance would be a good place to check out. And while you’re there, take a look at my work and leave some appreciation where deserved.

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