Wildcat Roofing SEO case study

SEO Case Study: Wildcat Roofing

Search engine results can make or break a company. So it’s more important than ever that a website’s SEO health be as strong as possible so that a site can rank higher. I have performed SEO services for many clients and each time we have seen great success.

Today’s SEO case study is for my client, Wildcat Roofing.

When Wildcat Roofing contacted me, they were looking to increase their search results in Google – like everyone! In my preliminary SEO audit, the results were extremely bad. For every keyword that Wildcat wanted to rank for, their search presence was non-existent!

Wildcat Roofing is a roof repair company in Texas. Their major goal was to get good Google search results for the keyword/phrase “roof repair Irving”. A lofty feat since they did not rank at all, not even in the top 100 results!

Before SEO - not in top 100


My next job was to inspect the site’s overall web authority. This involves looking at their entire web presence: the strength of their social media profiles, the quality of the content on their website, their web speed performance, and their mobile performance. Overall, the results were not very good. The site needed to be boosted to improve its chances of being ranked in Google.

Before SEO - bad mobile scores


Lastly, I went directly to the source to analyze their page scores. This would be a good indicator of what I have to work with, and the severity of the lack of content. The results were pretty bad. Every single page rated poor-to-zero.

Before SEO - zero scores


With that said, it was time I performed my magic and boost this website’s SEO rank as much as I possibly could!

What to know about SEO

Before I get into my results after performing SEO on the Wildcat Roofing website, I would like to show you how I break down SEO to my clients:

  1. Don’t expect to get on page one of Google – It’s everyone’s dream t0 be on page one, but if everybody was on page one, then nobody would be on page one.
  2. SEO is not magic – It takes a proper approach and hard work to make changes happen.
  3. SEO results will not happen immediately – For many reasons, the results of my SEO work can’t be measured immediately. You have to be patient until the changes can be seen in the analytic data and in your own searches.
  4. Results will go up and down – You may see your site rank in one position one day, and a higher or lower position the next. This is natural and very common. Don’t freak out.
  5. It’s not a one-and-done thing – Positive results are good, but you have to keep at your SEO changes if you want to see a steady increase in success.
  6. Every small improvement is progress – Especially if your site doesn’t even rank in the top 100 pages! If you start to appear in the top 20 pages, you are making great progress. Little by little you can continue to climb the search results.

I lay down these guidelines for each of my clients so that they understand the realities of SEO and are serious about making their website a success.

My SEO Changes

I improved Wildcat Roofing in each of the areas I wanted to tackle. The website page score was the first area that needed to be addressed – and to great success.

Before SEO - zero scores

After SEO - good to excellent scores


Next, I addressed the poor performance to make the site more appealing. With that comes some front end changes to the web design as well as some backend changes.

Before SEO - bad mobile scores    After SEO - great scores

GTMetrix speed improvement

SEO results for Wildcat Roofing

I finished my SEO work on March 23, 2019. After analyzing the website, developing a gameplan and performing my updates, I was ready to analyze the results after a while. Well, a while didn’t take long at all! In the first week after my SEO changes, I started to see great (actual) search results. Remember, in the beginning the website did not even rank in the top 100 results.

Before SEO - not in top 100

But after just 1 week, the website catapulted all the way up to page 4!!!!

After SEO - ranked #4 in top 100


Here’s a screenshot from Google roughly a week later:

First week of SEO reached page 4


Very good search results. In about a week’s time, this website went from zero results up to page 4! That was months ago. It continued its gradual climb in the search results since then.

Wildcat SEO page 2 of Google


I decided to do a follow-up on the site a few days ago (November 22, 2019) and I was pleased with what I found…

Page one on Google

SEO first page of Google


Yes! Page one on Google, again. As of this writing, 11/23/2019, I have gotten 100% of my SEO clients on page 1 of Google!

Update: 1/14/2020: #2 OVERALL on PAGE ONE!

#2 on Google 1/14/2020


If your site needs a shot in the arm and you would like me to perform SEO on your website, reach out to me and we can get started on your SEO project.

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