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How has Your Website Changed Through the Years?

JWorks Studios Version 3: Bold

You’re on the right page. I start the list at version 3 because I migrated from a horrible web host that made me blue and things got lost in the transition. So version 3 it is.

Moving away from my previous website design of black with gold accents, I decided I wanted something brighter and bolder. The homepage featured bold graphics of each of the services that were in high demand from me at the time. I didn’t mind the extra graphics because the new website design was meant to be heavy on the graphics (sample-wise).

The live website, well it really wasn’t that bad having the look that it did. I was going through a transition and wanted something more exciting. At the time I was surrounded by the music scene, album release parties, wild graphic design for promotions, movie development; My clients were loving it and so was I. But I can never leave well enough alone. I started to pick and prod, tweak here and there and eventually got tired of the look and overhauled it into something different.

“Oh, what a time LOL. Pretty hectic back then too with so many things going on, I couldn’t take a break. It was fun though. And the custom myspace pages! Yeah, that’s back when myspace was hot. I created some crazy unique pages until they started changing protocols every other week. Those were the days…”

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