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JWorks Studios version 4 homepage

JWorks Studios Version 4: Space

After getting tired of JWv3, I was looking for inspiration to design something new with more freedom. In comes version 4.

The inspiration I got was from space. The curvature of the planet from space. And the view of that thin-blue-line. Version 4 was more wide open, still bright, but with more color and personality. And on today’s wide-screen monitors and tablets, it really takes advantage of the space.

I started to introduce banner transitions for my main pages, and I collapsed all of the different services of version 3 into the bottom of this homepage. Hovering a text link would cause that service description to fade in all nifty-like. That way you can still get the jist of a service, but in a more compact and friendlier UI. This was about the time I started to incorporate jQuery in my work, and it shows.

“I really liked the look of version 4. I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new with the bright blue colors. It worked out well because looking at it now, I think with some minor tweaking it would work as a serviceable website.”

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