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How has Your Website Changed Through the Years?

JWorks Studios Versions 6-7

All of those themes have led up to what you see now. Improvements under the hood and minor aesthetic changes were made from version 6 to 7, but they are one-in-the-same for all intents and purposes.

Version 7 takes the best of version 5 (Onyx), puts it on a white web backdrop, and hits it with an aluminum finish. The appeal of this type of web design is the large service banners on each page. I use some custom scripting to rotate the services on the homepage. A definite eye-catcher but it also consolidates a lot of information in one area. The homepage also features a description section near the bottom meant to make me stand out as a Dallas graphic designer. But it has to have style! I created a free jQuery plugin for repeating animations and scrolling images to animate my clouds across the Dallas skyline. Always a pleasant surprise to a new visitor.

Portfolios were trimmed to increase loading speeds and social integration is easily accessible at all times. A matching WordPress theme and updated to display well on phones and tablets, version 7 was a vast improvement on some already good web design.

“I glad this design turned out so well. By far the longest time that I’ve stayed with a style. Lots of open space, easily navigable, delivers a lot of info without being overwhelming, and it looks great on mobile devices. All things I want!”

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